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FFA - Spring AG Contest Season is in Full Swing!

Spring is a busy time of year for many school organizations and sports teams.  When it comes to Vocational Agriculture and FFA, spring is the busiest time of the year.  CDE’s (Career Development Events) and LDE’s (Leadership Development Events) are in full swing, with district and state competitions right around the corner.  This year, North Harrison has 33 students competing in various CDE areas. Some of these teams have changed some throughout the season as only 4 students may compete on any given team at the district contest, so some teams experienced cuts along the way, however, we currently have 10 different teams planning to compete in the NW District Contest.

With the extended winter weather we experienced this year, it slowed down the opportunity for kids to get outside and practice many of their CDE areas in the actual contest setting.  However, it didn’t slow down the kids on working and studying on as much material as they could in the classroom. Once that first contest date rolled around, it was time to get started, even if we had been very limited on practice time.  

The season got started on March 1st, in Brunswick and Carrollton where 32 kids competed in 7 different CDE areas.  The Lathrop Contest followed on March 11th, followed by the Savannah AG Contests on March 18th. The NCMC Ag Club contest was Thursday, March 21st and will serve as the last “practice” contest prior to the NW District VO-AG Contests held April 2nd and 3rd in Maryville:  The results at Maryville will determine state qualifying teams and individuals. State FFA Convention will take place on April 25th and 26th in Columbia. Listed below are the team results and top-10 individual performances from the practice contests that were attended this year:

Agronomy:  (Gavin Garrett, Olivia Babinski, Logan Craig, and Addie Slaughter)

Brunswick:   2nd out of 20 teams  (Gavin Garrett: 4th, Olivia Babinski: 5th)

Lathrop: 2nd out of 29 teams  (Gavin Garrett: 3rd, Olivia Babinski: 5th, Logan Craig: 10th)

Savannah: 2nd out of 25 teams  (Olivia Babinski: 5th, Gavin Garrett: 8th)

NCMC: 1st out of 27 teams  (Gavin Garrett: 3rd, Logan Craig: 5th, Olivia Babinski: 6th)


Horse Judging:  (Lola Breshears, Emma Craig, Kami Gibson, and Carly Rinehart)

Brunswick: 2nd out of 23 teams  (Lola Breshears: 6th,  Emma Craig: 8th)

Lathrop: 3rd out of 32 teams  (Carly Rinehart: 6th, Lola Breshears: 7th)

Savannah: 3rd out of 26 teams  (Carly Rinehart: 6th, Lola Breshears: 8th)

NCMC: 2nd out of 28 teams (Lola Breshears: 2nd, Emma Craig: 3rd)


Forestry:  (Grant Claycomb, Logan Huitt, Kadyn Hukill, Taylor Richards, Collin Briggs, Hunter Parkhurst, Cruz Ury)

Brunswick: 4th out of 14 teams  (Grant Claycomb: 5th, Logan Huitt: 8th)

Lathrop: 2nd out of 28 teams  (Logan Huitt: 3rd, Grant Claycomb: 7th, Kaydn Hukill: 8th)

Savannah: 2nd out of 25 teams (Logan Huitt: 3rd, Kaydn Hukill: 5th)

NCMC: 2nd out of 29 teams (Logan Huitt: 3rd, Grant Claycomb: 7th, Kaydn Hukill: 10th)


Dairy Cattle:   (Brett Emig, Nick Mickelson, Rainey Fordyce, and Kason Mathes)

Brunswick: Judged Livestock:  2nd out of 26 (Brett Emig: 3rd,  Nick Mickelson: 5th)

Lathrop: 2nd out of 44  (Nick Mickelson: 3rd, Rainey Fordyce: 10th)

Savannah: 4th out of 40  (Brett Emig: 7th, Nick Mickelson: 8th)


Meats:  (Mardee Sadowsky, Lane Huitt, Steven Willhite, and Ashlynn Gilpatrick)

Brunswick: 4th out of 29  (Mardee Sadowsky: 2nd)

Lathrop: 8th out of 35  (Mardee Sadowsky: 6th)

Savannah: Steven Willhite judged as an individual, finishing 29th overall.

NCMC: 5th out of 31  (Mardee Sadowsky: 5th)


Poultry:  (Nick Babinski, Cooper Cracraft, Brandon Hamilton, Adrian Cracraft, Wade Briggs, Kamden Robertson, Shae Keefer)

Carrollton: 6th out of 12

Lathrop: 5th out of 34  (Cooper Cracraft: 10th)

Savannah: 3rd out of 27  (Nick Babinski: 10th)

NCMC: 6th out of 36  (Nick Babinski: 3rd)


Livestock:  (Lane Huitt, Ashlyn Gilpatrick, Wade Briggs, and Kamden Robertson)

Brunswick: Dairy Cattle Team: 2nd out of 26 (Brett Emig: 3rd, Nick Mickelson: 5th)

Savannah: 5th out of 33  (Lane Huitt: 7th)

NCMC: 16th out of 31


Floriculture:  (Kylie Pottorff, Mason Cracraft, and Emma Jones)

Brunswick: 21st out of 28

Lathrop: 28th out of 47

Savannah: 25th out of 37

NCMC: 23rd out of 43


Dairy Foods:  (Collin Briggs, Hunter Parkhurst, Cruz Ury, Brett Emig)

Savannah: 26th out of 39

NCMC: 27th out of 43


FFA Creed Speaking:  (Kamden Robertson)

Area II Creed Contest: 9th Place: Gold Rating

FFA Knowledge:  (Nick Babinski, Adrian Cracraft, Shae Keefer)

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