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  All-Conference   Honorable Mention  
1988-89 Jason Gibson Senior Shane Skinner Freshman
  Roxie Waddell Senior Renee Offield Sophomore
      Penny Grabill Junior
1989-90 Shane Skinner Sophomore Brandon Craig Sophomore
  Sherrilyn Slatten Sophomore Luke Chamberlin Senior
      Penny Grabill Senior
      Renee Offield Junior
      Valerie Russell Junior
1990-91 Shane Skinner-unanimous choice Junior    
  Brandon Craig Junior    
  Renee Offield--unanimous choice Senior    
  Dava Nelson-unanimous choice Freshman    
  Sherrilyn Slatten Junior    
  Lori Hale Sophomore    
  Crystal Richardson Sophomore    
1991-92 Shane Skinner-unanimous choice Senior Tesha Cracraft Senior
  Brandon Craig-unanimous choice Senior    
  Donovan Nelson Senior    
  Dava Nelson-unanimous choice Sophomore    
  Crystal Richardson-unanimous choice Junior    
  Sherrilyn Slatten Senior    
  Lori Hale Junior    
1992-93 Dustin Wilcoxson-unanimous choice      
  Bill Pottorff Junior    
  Wes Gibson Junior    
  Dava Nelson-unanimous choice Junior    
  Lori Hale-unanimous choice Senior    
  Karen Pottorff-unanimous choice Freshman    
  Heather Eller Junior    
1993-94 Bill Pottorff Senior Wes Gibson Senior
  Dava Nelson-unanimous choice Senior Bryan Craig Senior
  Jill Wilcoxson Freshman Sherri Craig Junior
  Heather Eller-unanimous choice Senior    
  Karen Pottorff Sophomore    
  Brandi Ury Junior    
1994-95 Karen Pottorff Junior Adam Jessee Sophomore
  Jill Wilcoxson Sophomore    
  Angie Craig Junior    
  Brandi Ury Senior    
  Sherri Craig Senior    
1995-96 Jason Lisle Junior Laren Cox Senior
  Jill Wilcoxson-unanimous choice Junior Gabriel Stapel Senior
  Karen Pottorff-unanimous choice Senior Adam Jessee Junior
  Angie Craig-unanimous choice Senior Barbara Abplanalp Senior
      Tracy Parkhurst Sophomore
  All-Conference   Honorable Mention  
1996-97 Jason Lisle-unanimous choice Senior Jason Briggs Senior
  Jeremy Lacy Sophomore Korissa Cox Senior
  Jill Wilcoxson-unanimous choice Senior Chandra Saksek Senior
  Tracy Parkhurst-unanimous choice Junior    
  Talia Kinder Senior    
  Amy Craig Sophomore    
1997-98 Jeremy Lacy Junior Jesse Fitzgerald Junior
  Robbie Cracraft Senior Erin Terwilliger Junior
  Amy Craig-unanimous choice Junior Gena Frisbie Junior
  Tracy Parkhurst-unanimous choice Senior    
  Jodi Craig Junior    
1998-99 Jesse Fitzgerald Senior Kris Cox Sophomore
  Jeremy Lacy Senior Erin Terwilliger Senior
  Jodi Craig Senior Amy Craig Senior
  Jenny Coulson Freshman    
1999-00 Kelsey Cox Senior Lynda Rucker Freshman
  Amanda Stobbe Sophomore    
  Jeff McChesney Sophomore    
2000-01 Jenny Coulson-unanimous Junior Alison Parkhurst Junior
  Amanda Stobbe-unanimous Junior Darci Gilpatrick Junior
  Carrie Lisle Freshman Adam Shepherd Sophomore
      Coy Young Senior
2001-02 Jenny Coulson-unanimous Senior Rachelle Lacy Senior
  Amanda Stobbe-unanimous Senior Austin Grabill Junior
  Kaydee Stobbe Sophomore    
  Mandy Maize Freshman    
2002-03 Kaydee Stobbe-unanimous Junior Dustin Fortner Senior
  Mandy Maize-unanimous Sophomore Nathan Craig Freshman
  Carri Lisle Junior    
  Austin Grabill Senior    
2003-04 Kaydee Stobbe-unanimous Senior Josh Smith Senior
  Mandy Maize-unanimous Junior Jason Grismore Freshman
  Kara Gibson Senior    
  Nicole Robins Senior    
  Kim Sydenstricker Senior    
  Carrie Lisle Senior    
  Adam Grismore Senior    
  Clint Stobbe Sophomore    
2004-05 Mandy Maize-unanimous Senior Gina Richardson Sophomore
  Kyla Emig Freshman Levi Williams Sophomore
  Bobbie DeHart Freshman    
  Clint Stobbe-unanimous Junior    
  Nathan Craig-unanimous Junior    
  Kasey Parkhurst-unanimous Sophomore    
  All-Conference   Honorable Mention  
2005-06 Kyla Emig-unanimous Sophomore Gina Richardson Junior
  Clint Stobbe-unanimous Senior Brittany Claypole Freshman
  Nathan Craig-unanimous Senior    
  Dwight Stevens Junior    
  Levi Williams Junior    
2006-07 Kyla Emig-unanimous Junior Brittany Claypole Sophomore
  Kadie Emig Freshman Dwight Stevens Senior
  Morgan Hallock Freshman Brody Abell Sophomore
  Mazey Manion Freshman    
  Nathan Lisle-unanimous Senior    
  Kasey Parkhurst   Senior    
2007-08 Kyla Emig-unanimous Senior Morgan Hallock Sophomore
  Kadie Emig Sophomore Wyat Gibson Junior
  Mazey Manion Sophomore Jesse Branham Senior
  Brody Abell-unanimous Junior    
  Ryan Cox Sophomore    
2008-09 Brittany Claypole Senior Tanner Bowen Sophomore
  Morgan Hallock--unanimous Junior    
  Mazey Manion Junior    
  Kadie Emig Junior    
  Brody Abell--unanimous Senior    
  Wyat Gibson Senior    
  Ryan Cox--unanimous Junior    
2009-10 Kadie Emig--unanimous Senior Sadie Kinne Junior
  Morgan Hallock Senior Brett Perkins Sophomore
  Mazey Manion Senior Justin Parkhurst Junior
  Chelsea Parkhurst Junior    
  Ryan Cox--unanimous Senior    
  Tanner Bowen--unanimous Junior    
2010-11 Chandelar Carey--unanimous Senior Sadie Kinne Senior
  Rachel Thomsen Junior Bailey Perkins Freshman
  Chelsea Parkhurst Senior    
  Brett Perkins--unanimous Junior    
  Tanner Bowen--unanimous Senior    
  Ryan Stanley Junior    
2011-12 Rachel Thomsen--unanimous Senior Amanda Law Senior
  Abbe Gibson--unanimous Sophomore Goober Blake Sophomore
  Bailey Perkins-unanimous Sophomore    
  Brett Perkins--unanimous Senior    
  Garren Gibson-unanimous Junior    
  Ryan Stanley-unanimous Senior    
  Luke Stanley Sophomore    
  All-Conference   Honorable Mention  
2012-13 Bailey Perkins-unanimous Junior Allie Stanley Freshman
  Abbe Gibson--unanimous Junior    
  Samantha Rinehart Sophomore    
  Haley Craig Freshman    
  Garren Gibson-unanimous Senior    
  Luke Stanley-unanimous Junior    
  Tucker Bowen Senior    
  Gaige Blake Junior    
2013-14 Bailey Perkins-unanimous Senior Blake Emig Junior
  Abbe Gibson   Senior    
  Samantha Rinehart Junior    
  Haley Craig Sophomore    
  Luke Stanley-unanimous Senior    
  Gaige Blake-unanimous Senior    
  Reed Hallock-unanimous Junior    
2014-15 Haley Craig--unanimous Junior Brandy Rivet Freshman
  Payton Craig--unanimous Freshman    
  Samantha Rinehart Senior    
  Allie Stanley Junior    
  Colton Castleberry-unanimous Senior    
  Blake Emig-unanimous Senior    
  Reed Hallock   Senior    
2015-16 Payton Craig--unanimous Sophomore Audry Briggs Sophomore
  Haley Craig--unanimous Senior Brandy Rivet Sophomore
  Allie Stanley-unanimous Senior Collin Castleberry Sophomore
  Emily Briggs Junior    
  Randy Rinehart-unanimous Junior    
2016-17 Payton Craig--unanimous Junior Alyssa Craig  
  Brandy Rivet Junior Kiley Gibson Senior
      Audry Briggs Junior
      Krissi Cox  
2017-18 Payton Craig-unanimous Senior Rainey Fordyce Freshman
  Brandy Rivet--unanimous Senior    
  Audry Briggs-unanimous Senior    
  Emma Craig-unanimous Freshman    
  Ashlynn Gilpatrick-unanimous Sophomore    
  Carly Rinehart-unanimous Freshman    
  Mason Cracraft-unanimous Junior    
  Kami Gibson-unanimous Freshman    
2018-19 Emma Craig-unanimous Sophomore Mason Cracraft Senior
  Kami Gibson-unanimous Sophomore    
  Carly Rinehart-unanimous Sophomore    
  Ashlynn Gilpatrick-unanimous Junior    
  Rainey Fordyce-unanimous Sophomore    
  Sally Briggs-unanimous Senior    
  All-Conference   Honorable Mention  
2019-20 Emma Craig-unanimous Junior    
  Rainey Fordyce-unanimous Junior    
  Carly Rinehart-unanimous Junior    
  Kami Gibson    Junior    
  Ashlynn Gilpatrick    Senior    
  Jayliegh Robins Freshman    
2020-21 Emma Craig-unanimous Senior    
  Rainey Fordyce-unanimous Senior    
  Kami Gibson-unanimous Senior    
  Carly Rinehart-unanimous Senior    
  Camden Castleberry-unanimous Junior    
  Jayliegh Robins-unanimous Sophomore    
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